Hi, I'm Sarahy

a ux designer passionate about transforming complex processes into delightful, intuitive interactions.


Selected Works ↓

Modernization of crewmember’s trip trading application in web, mobile, and tablet form factors.


How can you learn a language better with augmented reality?

Purdue University

How can you navigate the complexities of interviewing and onboarding for a new position?

IBM Internship Project

How can you feel integrated and connected with your company while working remotely?

Dolby Labs - Sponsored Univerisity Partnership

How can you stay motivated to accomplish something you're unfamiliar with?

Innovatemap Project - Sponsored Univerisity Partnership

How can you contribute to creating a more accessible environment for those with physical disabilities? 

University Project

How can AR help you visualize and purchase an expensive home remodel? 

UE Group Project - University Partnership

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