Hi there, I'm Sarahy Dueñas! 👋🏽

I'm glad you made it here! 

My journey and passion in UX design started long before I knew what UX even was.

I've always been captivated by technology and the power it holds to connect people and simplify their lives. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time exploring the settings of any device I could get my hands on. I was infatuated with the little things—finding ways to customize a device, making it more personable, and discovering hidden tricks that I could proudly showcase to my parents.

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Coming from a background where I was the daughter of immigrant parents who were unfamiliar with the norms and customs of the country they moved to and didn't speak English, I often found myself in the role of a self-taught problem-solver.

I became fascinated with how intuitive design and seamless interactions could bridge language barriers and make technology accessible to everyone - especially my parents. This ignited my desire to pursue a dual degree in User Experience Design and Communications, where I honed my skills in crafting meaningful experiences and effective communication strategies.


Throughout my academic journey at Purdue University, I immersed myself in various design projects and internships, constantly seeking opportunities to learn, grow, and make a positive impact.

From designing intuitive immersed reality experiences that accelerate individuals' language learning to creating engaging websites that foster inclusive communities for first-generation college students, I discovered that the core of UX design lies in empathizing with users and championing their needs.

My multicultural upbringing and experiences have instilled in me a deep appreciation for diversity and inclusivity. With my passion for technology, innate curiosity, and relentless drive, I strive to create immersive experiences that bring joy, simplicity, and empowerment to people's lives.

Currently designing @ IBM in NYC


My Design Philosophy

Everything is Designed. 🏺

Every aspect of a design and every design decision made while designing should be intentional. If a design is not accessible, it is not a good design. Design decisions are made with inclusivity at the forefront.

Innovation Drives Growth. 🪴

I approach every design with a new set of eyes, learning from my previous experiences. Continuing to use the same exact tools and go through the same exact process time after time will not produce the most innovative results.

Empathy and Understanding. 🐢

I need to understand both the individual and the business goals I am designing for in order to create something impactful and valuable for the two. 

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