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My journey and passion in UX design started long before I knew what UX even was. 

𓍊𓋼𓍊 Growing up, I spent a lot of my time exploring the settings of every device my family owned. I was entertained with the little things—finding ways to customize a device, making it more personable, and discovering hidden tricks.

⛰︎ As I learned more about UX, I started to see the value in device customization and personability. I became fascinated with how intuitive design and seamless interactions could bridge language barriers, specifically, and make technology accessible to everyone.

☁ My UX journey encompasses a diverse array of projects, ranging from in-depth UX research and evaluation to crafted UI-focused projects. I've designed across a multitude of platforms, including virtual and augmented reality, mobile, desktop, tablet, watch, and smart product interfaces. My previous projects have been aimed around system modernization, optimizing user efficiency, refining processes, fostering community engagement and design for accessibility. 

Currently designing @ IBM in NYC

My Design Philosophy

Design is omnipresent 
Every aspect of a design, from the overall solution to the smallest detail, should be an expression of intentional design. I advocate for recognizing and harnessing the inherent design present in all things to shape environments that inspire, shape, and elevate the human experience.
Innovation drives progress

Society moves forward with the relentless pursuit of novel solutions and creative thinking. I prioritize the value of rapid iteration, embracing failure, and exploring unconventional ideas to arrive at tangible design solutions.
Stay human
I value the importance of designing with empathy, ensuring that technology and innovation enhance rather than diminish the human experience. I advocate for a holistic approach that prioritizes human needs, emotions, and values in every design decision.

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